Liquisol 2WHITE

Liquisol 2WHITE

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Liquisol 2WHITE - 10 L

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Liquisol 2WHITE is a white paint to make black roofs reflective. This results in a temperature drop from 80 to 35 degrees Celsius. Your insulation will be less stressed, ambient temperature of the building will be drastically reduced. All air conditioning systems and ventilation systems that do their cooling on the roof will now save much energy.
2WHITE can be easily applied with a roller or airless sprayer. On elastic substrates it's very important that the paint is applied with the appropriate amount.(1 liter per 5m2)

2WHITE is a water-based acrylic paint and this makes it easy to clean the paint tools with water.

2WHITE is sold in buckets of 10 liters,
good for 50 m2.